2012-2014 Self Evaluation Timeline

FALL 2014


December 2014
  • Board of Trustees approves final draft of Self Evaluation for submission to ACCJC.
November 2014
  • Board of Trustees, Steering Committee, Administrative Liaisons, and Standard Committee co-chairs receive final draft of Self Evaluation to review and update as needed.
  • November 17-24: Final draft of Accreditation Self Evaluation Report posted on SRJC Accreditation Web site for college review prior to December Board of Trustees meeting.
October 2014
  • Final print and PDF versions of Self Evaluation completed.
September 2014
  • Self Evaluation Co-chair meets with Standard Committee Administrative Liaisons and Co-chairs individually to update and finalize drafts.
  • Graphics department produces first formatted draft.
August 2014
  • Accreditation Steering Committee and Standard Committee Administrative Liaisons and Co-chairs meet to discuss edited draft, verify information, and plan finalization process on August 29.
  • Board of Trustees holds special study session to review Self Evaluation draft on July 10.
  • Self Evaluation Chair and assistant editor review and edit Standard Committee drafts.
January–February 2014
  • January 31—Accreditation Steering Committee meets for all–day retreat to discuss Self Evaluation draft and plan for revisions, documentation, etc.
  • Standards Committees meet with Wanda to address Steering Committee feedback and recommendations before Draft 1 is posted for general review.
March–April 2014
  • Draft 1 of the Self Evaluation posted for review by entire college community: faculty, staff, managers, students, and Board members are encouraged to respond with comments and suggestions.
  • Standards Committees meet to discuss, confirm revision plan, and work on final draft.
FALL 2013

PDA Day, August 16: “Making Sense: Writing Workshop for the Accreditation Self Evaluation”— Please plan to attend if possible.

  • Accreditation Steering Committee meets
  • Co–chairs hold “launch meeting” for their respective Standards Committees
    • Confirm schedule of meetings and deadlines
    • Review website access and procedures for posting and online discussion
    • Develop and assign specific tasks for research and writing
    • Invite Wanda to attend to answer questions and give more explanation
September 2013
  • Accreditation Steering Committee meets
  • Standards committees meet. Wanda will attend as needed.
    • Review initial findings related to specific areas of research
    • Identify themes and begin shaping report
    • Determine further data or research needs
    • Set deadline for sharing initial drafts (posted on website by end of October)
October 2013
  • Co–chairs may meet individually with committee members to discuss drafts and suggest development, organization, revision ideas.
  • Accreditation Steering Committee meets
  • Standards Committees meet to discuss and share drafts, general progress, posting process and deadline. Troubleshooting, revision suggestions, additional information, etc. Wanda will attend as needed.
    DEADLINE for first drafts to be posted (for committee review only): Monday, October 28
November 2013
  • Accreditation Steering Committee meets
  • Standards Committees work on revisions as suggested.
December 2013

DEADLINE for all first drafts to be posted for review by Mary Kay and Wanda: Monday, December 2.

  • Standards Committee members take a breath. They may need to answer a few questions or clarify points, but overall, Committee work for Fall 2013 is done.
  • Mary Kay and Wanda will review posted drafts and prepare for Spring work on second draft.
  • Wanda will contact administrative co–chairs (and other co–chairs as available), organize and submit data requests
  • Co–chairs and anyone else so inspired may begin reading, planning, researching
  • ACCJC Accreditation Website
  • Recruitment and formation of Standard Committees
  • April 12—Accreditation Orientation and Launch Workshop
  • Accreditation Website launched