Standards and Committee Membership


The Self Evaluation document is created by representatives from all college constituents: faculty, classified staff, administrators, and students. Starting in Spring 2013, volunteers for each Standard met to organize their approach to the components of each standard. Over Summer and Fall 2013, they conducted research, worked with their committee members to draft their sections for each standard, and completed a first draft by the beginning of December. In Spring 2014, in consultation with the Self Evaluation Chair, Standard Committees reviewed and revised their first drafts and complete their second drafts in May. During Fall 2014, Standard Committee members updated and refined the final draft.

All Standard Committee members deserve deep appreciation and gratitude from the College community for their intensive work on this project.

Sonoma County Junior College District Accreditation Steering Committee
Accreditation Steering Committee
Name Title Role on Accreditation Steering Committee  
Frank Chong Superintendent/President Administration Representative  
Wanda Burzycki Faculty, College Skills Steering Committee Faculty Co-Chair  
Rick Call SRJC Board of Trustees Board Trustee  
Robin Fautley Faculty, Life Sciences President, Academic Senate  
Karen Furukawa VP, Human Resources Administration Representative  
KC Greaney Director of Institutional Research Administration Representative  
Hilleary Izard Coordinator, Student Engagement Programs
& SEIU Chapter President
Designate, SEIU Local 1021  
Ricardo Navarrette VP, Student Services Administration Representative  
Omar Paz President, Assoc. Students Associated Students Representative  
Doug Roberts VP, Business Services Administration Representative  
Mary Kay Rudolph VP, Academic Affairs Accreditation Liaison Officer  
Jane Saldana-Talley VP, Petaluma Campus Administration Representative  
Julie Thompson Faculty, English President, All Faculty Association (AFA)  
Debbie Weatherly Accounting President, Classified Senate  
Standard Committee: I | IIA | IIB | IIC | IIIA | IIIB | IIIC | IIID | IV
Accreditation Standards Committees
Standard One: Institutional Mission and Effectiveness
Standard 1 Accreditation Administrative Liaison Table
Administrative Liaison: Jane Saldana-Talley VP Petaluma Campus Management
Co-Chair: Lauren Servais English Faculty
  Vincent Hamilton Counseling Faculty
Committee Members: Peg Saragina Business Administration Faculty
  Ann Foster English Faculty
  Robert Ethington Student Affairs Faculty
  Brian Phifer Student Affairs Management
  Eve Nighswonger CTE Management
  Melissa Kort English Faculty
  Tony Graziani Life Sciences Faculty
  Mike Roth IT Classified
Standard Two: Student Learning Programs and Services
A. Instructional Programs
Standard 2.A Accreditation Administrative Liaison Table
Administrative Liaison: Kris Abrahamson Dean, Liberal Arts Management
Co-Chair: Dean Gooch Mathematics Faculty
Committee Members: Lisa Beach Distance Ed/Comp Studies Faculty
  Laura Vallejo Child Development Faculty
  Andrea Alvarado Counseling Faculty
  Bic DoVan Mathematics Faculty
  Elona Russell Music Classified
  Deborah Chigazola Health Sciences Management
  Art Hsieh Public Safety/EMC Faculty
  Cindy Avenell ESL Faculty
  Nancy Persons Dean, Petaluma Management
  Nancy Thomas Health Sciences Faculty
  Sherry Forkum English Faculty
  Nick Lawrence Child Development Management
  Victor Cummings Language Arts Management
  Cecilia Roy College Skills Faculty
  Anna Valdez Health Sciences Management
  Susan Wilson Life Sciences Faculty
B. Student Support Services
Standard 2.B Accreditation Administrative Liaison Table
Administrative Liaison: Ricardo Navarrette VP Student Services Management
Co-Chair: Nancy Chinn DRD Faculty
  Lily Hunnemeder-Bergfelt CalWORKs Management
Committee Members: Sharien Hinton DRD Faculty
  Jill Hunter Institutional Research Classified
  Erica Crowell Altobelli Behavioral Science Faculty
  Freyja Pereira A&R Management
  John Eberly Child Development Faculty
  Rachael Cutcher Scholarship Management
  Catherine Williams DRD Faculty
C. Library and Learning Support Services
Standard 2.C Accreditation Administrative Liaison Table
Administrative Liaison: Cherry Li-Bugg Dean, Learning Resources Management
Co-Chair: Micca Gray Learning Resources Faculty
  Anne O'Toole Media Services Classified
  Jorge DaCosta Learning Resources Classified
  Jacob Aharonian English Faculty
  Phyllis Usina Learning Resources Faculty
  Josh Adams IT/Instruc. Comp. Management
  Norberto Quiroz Counseling Faculty
  Cheryl Hanson CSKLS Faculty
Standard Three: Resources
A. Human Resources
Standard 3.A Accreditation Administrative Liaison Table
Administrative Liaison: Karen Furukawa VP Human Resources Management
Co-Chair: Sarah Hopkins Human Resources Management
Committee Members: Geoff Navarro Counseling Faculty
  Sharon Okada Health Sciences Faculty
  Beverly Henningsen Work Experience Faculty
  Diana Rangaves Health Sciences Faculty
  Jo Ann Olsen Disability Resources Classified
  Cathy Wilson Dean, Instruction Management
  Beatriz Camargo HSE Program Classified
B. Physical Resources
Standard 3.B Accreditation Administrative Liaison Table
Administrative Liaison: Tony Ichsan Dean, Facilities/Ops Management
Co-Chair: Anna Felciano Facilities/Ops Classified
  Doug Kuula Environ. Health & Safety Management
Committee Members: Kirsten Swinstrom Life Sciences Faculty
  Patrick Ekoue-totou IT Management
  Chris Wills Ag/NRM Management
  Carl Dobson Facilities/Ops Management
  Mark Ferguson Mathematics Faculty
  April Chapman Dean, Public Safety Management
  Vanessa Spaeth District Police Classified
C. Technology Resources
Standard 3.C Accreditation Administrative Liaison Table
Administrative Liaison: Scott Conrad Director, IT Management
Co-Chair: Ying Lin Mathematics Faculty
  Tad Wakefield English Faculty
Committee Members: Jeff Diamond Computer Studies Faculty
  Salvador Diaz Social Sciences Faculty
  Josh Adams IT Management
  Don Webb IT Management
  Marshall McGowan IT/Instructional Computing Classified
  Russ Bowden Media Services Management
  Carolyn Massell Computer Studies Faculty
  Alison Baker Social Sciences Faculty
  Kathleen Kearney Contract Ed Management
  Paul Bielen Facilities/Ops Management
  Alex Drake IT Classified
D. Financial Resources
Standard 3.D Accreditation Administrative Liaison Table
Administrative Liaison: Doug Roberts VP Business Services Management
Co-Chair: Kate Jolley Business Services Management
  Morris Hamm BAD Faculty
Committee Members: Hilleary Izard Student Affairs Classified
  Randy Collins Public Safety/Fire Tech Management
  Deirdre Frontczak Philosophy Faculty
  Jerry Miller Dean, B&PS Management
  Lisa Hotchkiss Payroll Classified
  Lisa Perkins DRD Classified
  Anne DeClouette Dean, Business & Professional Studies Management
Standard Four: Leadership and Governance
Standard 4 Accreditation Administrative Liaison Table
Administrative Liaison: Mary Kay Rudolph VP Academic Affairs Management
Co-Chair: Julie Thompson English Faculty
Committee Members: Abe Farkas Dean, Curriculum Management
  Sahara Chaldean Student Affairs Classified
  Paulette Bell Computer Studies Faculty
  Cliff Norton Industrial/Trade Tech Faculty
  Alicia Virtue Learning Resources Faculty
  Alicia Artz CTE Classified
  Debbie Weatherly Accounting Classified
  Carol Hatrick Health Sciences Faculty
  Ganesan Srinivasan Dean, Ag/NR Management
  Stephen Lewis Dean, STEM Management